Champagne for connoisseurs who
are ready to move to the next level
We represent small niche champagne houses with "burgundian"
terroir-based approach and uncompromising quality.
What we do
We love life. Good wine. Delicious food. Interesting journeys.
We love to make everything around us bright beautiful.
That's why we visit the best restaurants on the planet and go to the most interesting eno-gastronomic locations.
This Project is about Love. Love for Life and People.
We are not selling champagne that brings the most profit.
We sell champagne that we believe in ourselves. The wine that we drink and love.
How we choose champagne for our portfolio
We know what's going on in the region
In order to keep abreast of the latest information and trends in the region, we visit Champagne several times per year, meeting face-to-face with all our producers.
We stand of the shoulders of wine giants
We never stop in professional development and actively use ratings and books by recognized "champagne experts" - Michael Edwards, Tyson Stelzer, Peter Liem, Richard Juhlin. And yes, we look up to Jancis Robinson, Antonio Galloni and Dr. Jamie Goode - because they are indisputable authorities. And they have good taste.
We are constantly in touch with top champagne producers
First, it is an opportunity to get insider information long before the rest of the market, and second, personal touch and reputation are the key to success in a region such conservative as Champagne.
Our champagne portfolio
Domaine Dhondt-Grellet
  • Cuis 1-er cru & Cramant Grand Cru - the winery is located in Flavigny, near Avize, it is the heart of the Cote de Blancs, "the Champagne aristocrat".
  • 6 hectares, the average age of vines is 45 years, organic principles in the winery and the use of the "salter" method since 1986.
  • Pinot Noir and Chardonnay
  • Despite the fact that it is a relatively young Champagne House (in 1986 Eric and Edith Dont - Grele decided not to sell more grapes to the negociants and made their first champagne), it is highly appreciated by professionals and wine critics.
  • Terroir, balanced and elegant champagne
  • Extremely good aging potential.
Benoit Dehu
  • The eighth generation of winemakers, Benoit worked for a long time in Bollinger, but returned to work in a family winery founded in 1787.
  • Vallee de la Marne. Pinot Noir, Meunier
  • 1.7 hectares of "Suvée La Rue des Noyers" - 100% Pinot Menieu (Menieu)
  • "Cuvée Initiation" - with the addition of Pinot Noir from a separate area, "Cuvee l'Orme" - 100% Pinot Noir.
  • Fermentation and ageing of all wines in oak barrels (made from our own trees) with the use of natural yeast and minimal interference, while maintaining full control over the winery processes. Benoit Deiu is called the Master Menieux.
  • Antonio Galloni's comment: "Benoit Déhu's Cuvée La Rue des Noyers is one of the most impressive wines I have tasted this year. Lively, crystal champagne, Cuvée La Rue des Noyers has a stunning depth, intensity and character. A magnificent expression of menieu.
  • Very rare champagne with very high critical acclaim.
Champagne Perseval-Farge
  • Isabelle and Benoit Perseval represent the fifth generation of winemakers, cultivating their vines and producing champagne in the heart of Montagne de Reims, Chamery, the village of 1er Cru.
  • There are only four hectares divided into six "lieu- dit", i.e. plots. Besides the three main varieties of Champagne, 10% of the vineyards are occupied by Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Pti Mellier and Arbann - forgotten, ancient varieties that were cultivated in the region for centuries, but were transplanted with the advent of phylloxera.
  • 'High Environmental Value' certificate, vinification and barrel ageing, at least 5 years on deposit (and longer - for milezimi champagne), it is absolutely "wine" style of champagne with serious character.
  • Burgundy approach to winemaking - these wines can be collected and kept in the cellar.
  • Only 30,000 bottles per year, two lines - "The classics" and "Signature wines".
Veuve Fourny & Fils
  • Emmanuel and Charles Fourny are called the rising stars of the generation. They own and rent a total of 20 hectares in Werthu, the village of Premier Crewe in the Cote de Blancs. The vineyards are treated with organic fertilizers. Author's wines from the chalk terroirs
  • Pinot Noir and Chardonnay
  • An excellent line of champagne, the crowning glory of creation and pride is Clos Faubourg Notre-Dame, which the family has monopolized since 1930. There are only a few such sites in Champagne.
  • Fourny is called "couture champagne," because the perfectionism and passion of both brothers is well known in the region. The vinification of all sections separately, the minimum dose, some of the best sections in Vertus and the utmost attention to the whole process.
  • The style of the House is characterized as "classic Cote de Blancs" - aristocratic, rich in aromatics and minerality that emphasizes the freshness and purity of wines.
  • One of the best price/quality ratio in Champagne
  • Member of "Special Club" (Club Trésors de Champagne)
  • Fifth generation of winemakers (since 1874)
  • Vineyards in the heart of Montagne de Reims, Chigny-les-Roses, Rilly la Montagne, Ludes and Sacy – all 1-er Cru
  • Independent Champagne House
  • Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay grapes in low yielding vineyards
  • Minimum bottle aging of 3 years, with special cuvee 8-10 years on the lees
  • Grande Reserve (entry level champagne) consists of 50% perpetual reserve (so-called solera method).
Étienne Calsac
  • In 2006 Etienne inherited vineyards in Avize and decided to make his own champagne instead of selling the harvest to negociants.
  • In just a few years, Calsac terroir champagnes have gotten tot the "top league" of the region.
  • Etienne's approach is based on minimal possible intervention in the vinification process in order to better reflect the terroir.
Our wine journeys
Several times a year we visit legendary wine regions - Champagne, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Piedmont, Alsace. Bespoke program, the best restaurants, an exclusive reception in wineries and champagne houses. Each tour is an adventure that does not leave indifferent even those who "have seen everything and been everywhere".
Tastings and wine dinners
We regularly meet the indoor hedonists club to enjoy the best samples of champagne (and not only!) under ideal gastronomic accompaniment.
With the right combination of wine and cuisine, you can start and finish the evening with champagne. We practice it all the time. We also organize "Champagne night in the Opera", take our friends to jazz concerts in medieval - fairytale St. Emilion and listen to music in the box together with the owners of the best wine and champagne houses in the world. We do what is beautiful. What we like ourselves.
Drinking our emotions with the best wines at the same time...
Meet the team
Irene Gridina WA
WSET Diploma, first Ukranian professional to be awarder the prestigious WineAkademiker degree
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Gala Matveienko
Austrian Wine Academy, seasoned veteran of the wine market with more than 20 years of experience under the belt
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Bogdan Pavliukh
Winner of the "Best Ukrainian Sommelier 2019" Award, the only Ukrainian wine professional certified by ASI, Gold Diploma
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